Saturday, 27 October 2012

Blender MJPEG and Premiere pro

Many times when people post problems using Blender's MJPEG encoded AVI files the reply tends to be.... use image sequences or use uncompressed. But there is a very good reason for using MJPEG - the results look great and the files sizes are much much smaller... and of course its much easier to handle than a mass of image files. But at High Definition sizes they don't work with Windows Media Player, or more importantly, Premiere Pro CS 5.5 ( and probably other versions )

And the answer is indeed the Morgan MJPEG codec at which has a 60 day trial but otherwise you have to pay for, but, oh well, sometimes you have to pay for stuff and I'm sure the chap deserves it - 20 euros in this case.

Doesn't solve Windows Media Player bit does solve Premiere, but you can use VLC or Media Player Classic to play them.

And thats it really.. I just wanted to add to the posts pointing in the right direction